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Hi there, I’m Benjamin Dordoigne aka 'BenjaminThedev' an independent lead front-end developer based in beautiful Warwickshire.

With over 12 years of hands-on web development, I specialise in creating and building carefully-crafted, responsive websites and applications.

I’m super passionate about the web and have a keen eye when it comes to design. My previous work has been experienced by thousands of users worldwide every year, using the best front-end technologies such as ReactJs / NextJs/ NodeJs / ExpressJs / GraphQL / Tailwind CSS / WebPack / Yarn / WordPress / PHP / SASS / SCSS / Vercel / Netlify

I strive for design and code perfection. My home office is packed with the latest kit ensuring that your project is current and works flawlessly on all devices.

I am currently on the hunt for my next contract role. If you have an opportunity, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or by email below.

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  • Commercial Projects
  • JavaScript Projects
  • ReactJS Projects

Commercial Projects

M and C Saatchi Group

M and C Saatchi Group (ReactJS)

Rebuilt website in ReactJS, NextJS, TDD, StrapiCMS

Directank App (React Native)

A client asked if I could build an app for the Apple store and Google.

You will need to go to either app stores to download the app.

SunnaMusk Sales Page (ReactJS)

I was asked to design and build a simple sales page for a new product where over 1000 visitors would hit the page at any one time during the evening. Naturally I used ReactJS!

Tyres On Site (ReactJS)

Client asked me if I could take his current WordPress website and make it faster. I rebuilt the whole website in React. It is now much faster. Hosted on Netlify.

Candles & Oud London

Custom ecommerce website that offers unique and luxurious candles to a global market.

Fig and Fennel

Custom ecommerce website offering monthly meat, fish, fruit and vegetables subscriptions to local community.

Sunnamusk London

Custom ecommerce website that selling fragrances worldwide.

The Education Exchange

The Education Exchange

I was asked to take a design in Adobe XD and create a WordPress theme with customisations such as user front-end posts, a JavaScript learning time logger and user submitted posts. All on the front-end.

Seventh Art Productions

Full on ecommerce website with download and streaming video. Custom design and theme using WordPress, WooCommerce and Vimeo for video streaming.

The Beauty Store

I was asked to create an Ecommerce website that sells beauty and health products. This is a high traffic website and performs very well. Built with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Board Agenda

Custom Publishing Website that uses Genesis and Leaky Paywall

CRM Trading

Custom built theme, with ecommerce that for other businesses to purchase luxury beauty and fragrances and trade prices. Uses WordPress and WooCommerce.

OHD Denmark

I was asked to design and develop a WordPress website in which the Eye Hospital Denmark could use to market their eye care services

Pioneer Cuts

Custom design and build for a CNC Machining company

Cuddle Clones

Multimillion dollar ecommerce website that sells animal clones

Custom Design & Development For A Microbioime Company

Opus Pharm Serve

Custom Design & Development For Medicines Training ecommerce Company

Data Natives

Custom Design & Development For Data-Driven Conference

Life Point Clinic

Custom Design & Development For Psychiatric Clinic

Canada Promos

Custom Design & Development For Promotional ecommerce Business

USB Canada

Ecommerce site that sells Custom USB sticks for businesses to promote their business at events

67 Pall Mall - London

Custom Design & website build for a Top London Wine Bar and Restaurant

Southern Shutters

Custom Design & Development For Medicines Training ecommerce Company

Javascript Projects

Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Created a game in Using JavaScript

Wikipedia Viewer

A Wikipedia API Viewer created using JavaScript

Chuck Norris Quote Machine

A fun Random Chuck Norris Quote Machine using an API with the power of JavaScript

JavaScript Task List

This is a clean JavaScript task list application, using local storeage!

JavaScript Loan Calculator

A percentage loan calculator built in plain JavaScript and Bootstrap

JavaScript Book List Keeper

This a Javascript BookList App that uses local storage

React Projects

ReactJS Monster Rolodex

ReactJS Hulu Clone

Using the IMDB API and using React and Nextjs. Hosted on Vercel.

ReactJS Monster Rolodex

ReactJS Monster Rolodex

Looking up your favourite monster? Why not use the rolodex build in reactJS (uses an API)

MERN Dream Car Viewer

MERN Dream Car Viewer

This is a full-stack MERN application that allows the users to add, edit and remove thier dream cars. Have a look, you will see what my dream car is! Tech used: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJs and Netlify.

Coming Soon

ReactJS Amazon Clone WIP

This is still a WIP as I add more features like searching for items and checkout with Stripe.

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